Warrior Women

Why not become part of an exciting new ‘Movement’?

We learn more effectively in groups rather than as individuals and we are far more similar than different. Everyone I meet asks me a version of one question, ‘Am I the only person who thinks like this/has this problem’. My answer is : “No – we are all the same !”

Imagine sitting around a table of ten like minded women or men and learning some vital tools that will give you the resilience to navigate this thing we call life with greater ease.

Warrior Women & Men at Barlow House is where we come together as individuals and leave as a tribe of powerful people safe in the knowledge that we are not alone in our struggles.

Each session lasts 2 hours, 7-9pm on Monday evenings. We will discuss all the hot topics I get asked about in The Positive Mindset Room, usually confidence, boundaries, self esteem and how to put yourself first. A unique feature of this is that you are invited to contribute to the agenda prior to the event, thus making it a bespoke event for every group. All topics will be discussed and in a confidential, supportive and non judgemental environment, in the beautiful, relaxed surroundings of Barlow House.

Please get in touch to enquire when our next Warrior Women or Warrior Men at Barlow House is happening. 
“I joined Warrior Women 1 in November and have been to two meetings with an an amazing bunch of ladies and Nicola makes you feel so at ease and let’s us all have our say but guides us and helps us see our situations in different lights. To get others opinions and experiences that we can all relate to is liberating, you don’t feel alone.
Nicola makes it clear from the beginning there will be no judgement and everything is confidential and gives you ways and tips to improve your life as do the others. I am so looking forward to our next night this month 😊”

“Warrior women for me has been the perfect place for me to be me , I can honestly say that since I started to attend it I’ve met some amazing ladies who are all part of this group we call warrior women. We meet we talk about what’s going on with us and support each other . We laugh together and since we have met around the table we have literally become soul friends now that doesn’t come by very often in life , and it’s all thanks to Nicola who was brave enough to follow her her heart and purpose in life to bring women together to support women”

“I am honoured to be part of warrior women, amongst some of the strongest, inspirational women I could ever meet. It’s the most safest place with no judgment only understanding and support. Under the leadership of Nicola as a group of women we have grown in confidence and self esteem. Nicolas zest for life and positivity is contagious. I owe Nicola a huge amount for setting up this group and I can’t put into words how warrior women has enhanced my life and given me the tools to make positive changes and also the tools to deal with the difficult things in life.
It’s so wonderful to have a safe place to fall when needed.
Warrior Women is a special group of women and if your lucky enough to have an opportunity to join then grab it with both hands and jump into the most supportive of places.”

Sarah x

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