Hi my daughter was one of the 5th year pupils that you spoke to in the Colaiste in Bettystown yesterday.

She absolutely loved it and it really made sense to her. I was so happy that I was there when she came in from school. We had the best chat for about an hour all around everything you spoke about. It’s great to see that lightbulb moment, especially in one of your kids . Do thank you for doing such great work and really connecting with the teens.

School Wellness Program

Teaching young people is one of my favorite things to do. It gives me so much pleasure knowing that they are going to receive the tools to empower themselves at such a young age. I wish I’d been given this information when I was at school.

This program has been designed by me, it is original and no one else in the country is delivering anything like it. It has been structured in accordance with the NCCA guidelines


I believe that this information has the potential to be life changing for young people and it would be my pleasure to deliver it in your school.

The topics I cover include :-

  • Resilience
  • Honouring all of our emotions equally
  • Taking responsibility for who you are, your actions and your words.
  • Taking action
  • Old Way Vs Developing New Habits
  • Easy Now = Hard Later
  • The difference between pleasure & happiness
  • What we are made of & how we repair the emotional holes we sustain through life’s battles
  • Your Voids & what you A-void
  • Not ‘enoughness’
  • Say what you mean & mean what you say
  • Your name is all you are left with, ensure you represent yourself well
  • Are you a Victim or Victor?
  • Taking personal responsibility for your current level of happiness
  • Anxiety & how to handle it through Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Self Esteem & Awareness of oneself/others

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Nicola thank you so much for your talk in our school, Colaiste na hinse. The children were mesmerised by your every word and have really taken your words and suggestions and used them in their everyday lives. They cannot stop talking about how interesting they found the talk. So much so that students that did not take part in the talk have been asking if you could return to the school. You have a gift and you really connected with the students and staff alike. The staff that supervised your talk on the day have said that your positivity is catching. Thanks so much and we will be sure to have you return to our school. We are so grateful that you took the time to come talk to us and make a difference in our students and staff members lives.


Sabrina Borza-Palombo

Colaiste na hInse



I had been following Nicola’s post on her ‘I AM POSITIVE MINDSET’ Facebook page. I loved Nicola’s clarity, humour, openness and honesty. Nicola had obviously done a lot of learning in the whole area of owning your own life and deciding to make changes to become the best possible version of oneself.


I was delighted when Nicola agreed to come down to speak to my students. I believe there is a special value in having outside speakers in and that students listen more intently to a ‘new’ voice and hear more of the content.


Nicola spoke to nine class groups in one day. Each class group of all our second and fifth years all getting about 35 minutes of an invaluable informative talk. I think the talk itself was such a captivating well planned broad talk. I believe at least some part of it would have resonated with even the most cynical of students.


The main thread of Nicola’s speech was ownership of one’s own life, not to fall in to the ‘victim role’ and to take steps to take control of our own life. In short Nicola gave a great motivational speech to empower the students to take control of their own happiness. To think before they react and to put in the hard work now so it would be easier later. Nicola explained the concept of congruency i.e to say what they mean and to mean what they say and the importance of aligning the heart, head and the actions we take. She got them to think about what they would like to be remembered for and to accept that they were ‘enough’ and not to listen to anyone telling them otherwise. Also to trust their gut as it was their own personal inner navigation system.


Nicola spoke to over 200 students in one day and her energy and passion never flagged once! She has a deep understanding and desire to spread her knowledge of the traps we fall into and provides an alternative way of thinking about them. She is straight forward, very real and honest to the core. Her delivery was entertaining and easy to understand. The students listened intently and I could tell that most if not all of them were challenging their current way of thinking.


I think Nicola’s work with schools will be very beneficial and definitely timely with the increased focus on wellbeing and well becoming.


Siobhan Ni Chonghaile

Colaiste Pobal Ros Cre



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