Meet Charley

Charley Ann Byrne – PA – What can we say about Charley? She advises her Mam on her wardrobe, makes the perfect cup of tea and assists with printing.  She meets and greet clients with confidence and grace at events and occasionally appears in livestreams to help Nicola get her point across. She is a great all rounder and Nicola would be lost without her.

Meet Jamie

Jamie Byrne – IT Director – Let’s face it he is 12 years old so he knows far more about technology than all of us put together. If it wasn’t for Jamie, Nicola would still be trying to put the USB cable into the HDMI port on the morning of her first workshop. He is a great kid and is also a budding entrepreneur with his own garden maintenance company.

Meet Neil

Neil Byrne – Financial Director – does exactly what it says on the tin – he makes sure all the bills get paid early.

Meet Nicola

Nicola Connolly-Byrne – Empowerment Specialist & Founder of I AM POSITIVE MINDSET. Nicola is passionate about Empowerment, Boundary setting, boosting self esteem and teaching people to be comfortable saying NO. Also that people really do need to take responsibility for their own happiness, words & actions.

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