Just recently, I felt really down over an experience I had with my friends. In need of a pull from the depths of despair, I went off down a rabbit hole on your Youtube page. It was two videos in particular that opened up my mind as to why I’m feeling the way I feel. I watched them again today and I honestly had a light bulb moment that I don’t think I’ve ever had before. I had so many realisations and it made me understand myself better and how I can set boundaries going forward. 

Just in case you’re curious, the two videos were: ‘False peacekeepers! They drive me crackers!’ and ‘Be Your Own Hero!!’ 

From watching these videos I realised that the reasons I struggle so much with my friendships over the last few years is because I’m on a completely different frequency altogether, in a good way. I have never set boundaries and because me and my friends know each other so long, I thought to myself, “well how am I supposed to set them now?” 

You’ve helped me understand that boundaries will most definitely piss people off and cause questioning and discussion over why I’m different all of a sudden. But because I’m on such a mission to develop myself in a very committed way, I have no problem telling people how I feel going forward. 

You’ve helped me realise that the reason I end up feeling indifferent about particular people is because of the higher frequency I’m on. I repeatedly try to care about and engage with particular people, hoping and expecting compassion and mutual friendship when these people don’t even know what that is. They’ve never shown or practised this behaviour before in their lives, but yet I continue to expect it! 

You’ve forced me to acknowledge that the journey of self development takes work… actual WORK …. commitment, focus, awareness, change, discomfort, a level of selfishness and BOUNDARIES!! 

My reason for contacting you is to say thanks so much!! The words in this email are only a drop in the bucket in trying to explain how helpful you’ve been. I honestly feel a shift that I’ve waited a lifetime on, and it was caused by your words and how you said them. Your honesty and passion has inspired me! I’m so happy!

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