Taking responsibility for your actions

Taking Action

Awareness of your environment

Understanding and Respecting Boundaries

Personalising Issues


Agree to Disagree

Positive Mindset and Wellness for Business

If you want to grow your business, you must grow your people.

If you want to grow your people, you have to get to know your people.

If you want to get to know your people, they must get to know themselves first.

Great companies don’t just happen. They are not profitable or have happy, healthy employees by accident. To have both, there must be investment in both.

If you want loyal, enthusiastic, engaged employees you must invest in them and they in turn will invest in you.

Positive Mindset in your workforce focuses on overall improvement in performance, which impacts both individual and group metrics. Positive Attitude impacts productivity, ownership of tasks, health and wellbeing. Companies who promote Positive Mindset in the workforce experience a reduced rate of attrition and lower absenteeism percentages.

There is a fantastic article in The Harvard Business Review outlining the same:


I help people reset their thinking in the areas they are struggling with. I help them achieve clarity by illustrating the vital importance of taking responsibility for their current situation both positive and negative.

I teach people to harness the first two hours so the rest of the day will be as productive as possible both personally and professionally.

Topics covered include :-

  • Taking responsibility for your results
  • Understanding what you can control
  • Taking action
  • Positive & Negative energy
  • Awareness of your environment
  • Understanding & respecting boundaries
  • Ego
  • Silent battles
  • Personalising issues
  • Everyone is right from their perspective
  • Agree to disagree
  • Choose your battles
  • And much more…

So where are you currently focusing your attention?

Your business or your people?

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