Nicola started her self development journey at the age of seven. She has always been a searcher, asked questions and wondered if things in life could be done any better.

Against all odds she flew.

Nicola struggled at school. She studied as hard as the straight A students but only ever scored average grades. This was upsetting and had a long term negative effect on her self esteem. During the course of her work with special needs students as an Executive Officer in the Political Science Department at Trinity College Dublin she came to realise that she too may have some special educational needs.

The College were extremely helpful when it came to her getting a diagnosis. Years of study had instinctively taught Nicola how to navigate her way around a problem, it might have taken her longer but she always got there in the end, so when she eventually took the test she was diagnosed with “Borderline Dyslexia”.

Against all odds she flew.

Nicola faced many challenges in her personal life, some of which brought her to the point of not wanting to be on this earth any longer.

Against all odds she flew.

In April 2005 the second love of her life, her son Jamie was born. Jamie developed a life threatening condition called Laryngomalacia this means he was born with a floppy larynx and could sometimes forget to breath. Nicola and Neil had to learn to resuscitate their newborn son. This further inspired Nicola to explore a holistic path in order to discover if she could help him in any way. She eventually discovered Reiki and learned how energy flows, both physically and between people. After years of training Nicola became a Reiki Master.

Against all odds she flew.

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Fast forward 12 years………

Nicola joined a business group and found her wings, she watched TED Talks every day and often said ‘If TED Talks ever comes here I will apply to be a speaker”. Guess what ? Not only did TED come to Ireland it came to her home town of Drogheda. When she saw the Tweet on her phone she threw it across the table as if it were on fire. Nicola has always prided herself on her congruency with her words and actions so not applying was never an option for her.

Nicola was terrified of recording, in fact she even had a fear of Skyping, part of the TED application process was to post a video of oneself outlining your slant on a given topic. In a panic she took to Facebook and posted her dilemma. Somebody (she can’t remember who) tagged someone they felt could be of help to her. Enter Mark Whitehand. Mark is a spiritual, helpful, straight down the middle kind of guy. He messaged Nicola immediately and offered to help with her recording plight and suggested they Skype to discuss. ‘Now ?’ she said. ‘It’s now or never’ Mark replied.  Mark didn’t know that he had thrown down the gauntlet and there is only ever one thing that will happen after that, Nicola will pick it up!


The Skype music started, Nicola was shaking with nerves. Marks face appeared and the first words out of his mouth were ‘So, no one died !’. Mark carefully took Nicola through the reasons why she feared recording so much. It transpired that it stemmed from a fear of judgement. However, she also discovered that the ability to impact another persons life positively was far greater than her fear.  Mark and Nicola made a deal : she would record her first video and post it that very day. . She recorded one everyday for 30 days and the rest, as they say is history.

Through video Nicola was  finally able to reach a wider audience with her Empowerment Work.

Against all odds she flew.

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