When you fully show up for all that you are, when you come forward in business, in your personal relationships, in the street, in your community, with your children, with the people that you love – you become more centered and settled in yourself. When you show up fully for all that you are – your truth – you’re going to attract people in at that level. 

Like energy attracts like energy

I hear it all the time, when people start working with me – they say, “Oh I’d be afraid to behave that way in that circle”, or, “Oh God, I could never say that to them”, or, “Oh, you know, I just, I pull back and I pretend to be shy or quiet or I never offer my opinion”.

If you are presenting the false version of who you are, you are going to attract in the false version of other people. So when the false version of one person meets the false version of another person, how do you think that that is going to end? How do you think those interactions are going to feel? False – false is how they will feel.

Both are coming from fear.

And fear creates more fear.

Show up fully for all that you are 

When you fully show up for all that you are in all of your glory, you will find people who are attracted to you, not the false you. People will also dislike this and that is ok! It isn’t possible for you to be everyone’s cup of tea nor is it possible for you to be theirs either. That is ok too. When we present the false self it is in an effort to people please. You have no business in showing up with the false you because that makes you inauthentic AND is such an energy drain on you!

Allow yourself to fully show up for exactly who you are and allow your personality shine. Some people will be attracted towards that, and equally, some people will be repelled by it. 

And this is a gift to you. 

Because when people are repelled by the true authentic version of who you are, they are not your people. You know that they’re not your tribe and you can let them go. 

Stop trying to impress people who are not your cup of tea. This is okay. It is okay to be all of you. Don’t try and be all things to all people all the time. It is exhausting and it is not possible. 

Drop the falseness on the ground. 

Stop having false pretenses. 

Stop being all things to all people all the time. 

And you know there are certain circles, where you watch your P’s and Q’s, or you don’t offer your opinion. I challenge you to start offering your opinion and start not watching your P’s and Q’s!

And just allowing yourself completely flourish while growing your REAL tribe.