Pick a side and decide. Decide who you want to be from right now in this moment from this day forward. It is that simple – one conscious decision after the next. You can change, there are plenty of stubborn people pushing up daisies.

Is life happening to you or for you?

Do you think life is very hard and “sure it could only happen to me!” or do you find yourself saying things like, “typical!”?

When life is happening for you, you will start to see your “problems” as challenges to learn and grow from. You will welcome “problems” with open arms so you can stretch and grow yourself so as to get to the next phase of your development.

Are you a drain or a radiator?

Are you even aware of the energy you create and spread around in all circumstances every day? Are you an energy vampire robbing people of all of their positive vibes? Or are you dumping all of your negativity on others and walking away with no concern for what you just left behind you?

Are you mindful of your energy and are you responsible with it when you are in the company of others like friends, family or work colleagues?

Are you able to leave your baggage on the journey? Are you spreading your positive vibes? Are you extending yourself to others to be helpful? Are you living a life of service? Are you giving compliments to people not only on their appearance but their deeds as well? Or are you turning people into colanders with your words?

Is your glass half empty or half full?

Is your default position a rain cloud of doom or a burst of sunshine? Are you able to see the silver lining in all situations? Do you complain or compliment?

Do you see the best in people or the worst?

Do you think people are generally out for themselves or do you think people are thoughtful? Do you see someone doing something nice and think, “Well, what is in it for them?”. Are you constantly trying to “catch people out”?

Do you think people are takers or givers? Great givers make great takers, that is why we need to be boundaried. However, there are actually some people out there who do good for others without looking for anything in return or look for any gain for themselves.

There are people who have beautiful souls who work hard, spread good news, share information for the greater good of the community, do charity work, offer their time or services to those who cannot afford it, see a need and do whatever they can do to help.

Those people exist!

Those people live in your community, you might even work alongside them and you have never taken the time to see it for what it really is.

If we constantly go out to find negative situations guess what? We will find them!

If we go out with the best of intentions to see good in others (with boundaries!) then we will find that too!

Pick a side and decide.

Be the change. Dare to be the difference.

Let them talk, they will talk anyway.

Be what people don’t expect.

Standing by your morals and values may make you unpopular.

Be boundaried.

Just be you, all day long.

Birds of a feather flock together, the haters are gonna hate and the lovers are gonna love all day long.

I have chosen my tribe and my tribe have chosen me.

We achieve great things together because we actually want each other to succeed. We genuinely want each other to be happy and reach our potential personally and professionally.

Imagine living in a world like that? I do, my friends, clients and colleagues do. Why? Because we have chosen to live a life of fulfilment.

You cannot be fulfilled yourself when you are poking holes in other people. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. When you speak ill of other people, it tells more about you than them.

Be mindful of your interactions on social media and personally – you leave your fingerprint behind in all situations forever.

Be so good they talk about you behind your back, in a good way.

Life is long. So, pick a side and decide who you want to be.

I have – I AM Positive Mindset.

Who are you?